Sunday, September 18, 2011

Reason #6: Abs of Steel

Way back in April, approaching senior week was enough motivation for me to begin working out. I would do a cardio workout each day (which usually consisted of walking, jogging, zumba, or Just Dance) along with an ab workout. The ab workout routine worked my upper, lower, and middle abs, and I was increasing the number of reps that I did with each day. Can I just say that I’m still extremely proud of myself for having stuck to my workout routine for so long? By the time it was senior week, I almost had abs. Okay, so not really. But I certainly burned some belly fat.
While I was bragging about my intense workout routine one day, my friend Sarah agreed that she wanted to start working out too. We were going to be beach babes come June. We excitedly started planning our group workouts over lunch when our friend Bri overheard us.
Now let me try to put my friend Bri into words. Bri is this totally crazy, totally awesome, totally buff woman. She grew up in Georgia and moved up here a couple of years ago with her dad. She’s always got energy to spare, she’s a terrific cook and baker, and she’s uber smart. Bri is… Bri. A totally unique and loveable individual.

So anyway, Sarah and I are discussing the idea of having a workout session together. And Bri chimes in with some awesome advice.
Bri: “Hey guys! You should do the Insanity workouts! You can find some of the videos on youtube.” She then proceeded to tell us how good the workouts were and show us her own abs of steel, at which we poked and prodded and smiled and nodded and agreed that it would be nice to have abs like those.
So Sarah and I set up a time and date for our workout. We met at my house and began with some stretching. We played some Just Dance and went through my ab routine. Then we opened up youtube and embarked on a journey that was far far beyond our years.
We typed in “Insanity Workout Video” and followed along with the ten-minute workout, at the end of which we lay on my carpeted floor in puddles of our own sweat. Craning my head just enough that I could see Sarah laying beside me, I uttered, “Never. Again.” And Sarah nodded in agreement.
When we had recovered enough to sit up, I immediately grabbed my phone and texted Bri. “Are you nuts?!” I asked her. “That killed us!” In a minute, I had a reply from Bri laughing mercilessly at us (I believe her exact words were “lol”) and asking which workout we had chosen. I sent back the title of the video that we had watched and received another round of merciless laughing (this time it was more like “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!! YOU GUYS!!!!”). She then informed us that the workout video that had practically killed us was simply the Insanity WARM UP, rather than the actual WORKOUT!
Needless to say, I never tried Insanity again.



  1. Just dance isn't a workout lol.

  2. Ugh, Cobrette. Have you ever played Just Dance for two hours? No? How about one? Nope? Just half an hour? You can still break a sweat.

  3. I have actually played just dance for a few hours :P

    Not what i consider a workout!

  4. HAHAHAHAAA! Absolutely true. Bri is always trying to get me to do insanity or run with her. If only she knew that there is NO way I could keep up. I'm pretty sure she's trying to kill me.


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